Sree Teja Kalakota


Creating digital experiences that look beautiful, feel easy to use, and bring joy to people

About Me

I am a grad student at the University of Texas in Austin. I love learning and can't get enough of it!

Designing for a Positive Transformation

More about me

A Testimony to the Experience and Personality Forged throughout my Impressive Career.

Cook Easy

Information Architecture

Marvelous case study, presenting a complex information architecture design, meticulously crafted for a smart cookbook application enriched with advanced pantry management features.

TED Website

UX Design Analysis
Information Architecture

Scholarly conceptualization for analyzing the information architecture of the renowned TED website. The four fundamental principles of Information Architecture shall serve as a lens to evaluate and comprehend the website's intricacies.

Outfit Design

Graphic Design
Outfit Design

Meticulously curated catalog of cycling suits and jerseys, designed for celebrity endorsements in parasports and Para athletes in world championships.

Graphic Design

Logo Design
Social Media Design

Embarked on a journey of creativity culminating a comprehensive graphic design collection. These designs were meticulously crafted for several brands, each with an intriguing origin story

Commendations from Connoisseurs
A Reflection on What Experts Admire About Me

Mr. Aditya Mehta

Founder | Aditya Mehta Foundation

Sree Teja demonstrated exceptional ingenuity, leadership, and perseverance in designing the parasport-themed indoor spaces for the prestigious 'Infinity Para-Sports Academy & Rehab Center.' It sets a pioneering standard in Asia for future innovative projects.

Dr. Sridhar Reddy

Ph.D. - KL University

Associate Professor & Controller of Examinations - VBIT

He was the best student I have mentored because of his deductive approach and thoroughness in completing a technical assignment. While working on an academic project to address issues in the Indian education system, I closely observed him. His ability to use existing technology to solve complex problems was simply incredible.