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Aditya Mehta Foundation

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Oct 2018 - Aug 2022


What is Aditya Mehta Foundation?

The Aditya Mehta Foundation (AMF) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to empower individuals with disabilities through sports and self-sufficiency. The organization is based in India and was founded by a paracycling champion who is dedicated to helping disabled individuals achieve their full potential.

What motivated me to design outfits for this organization?

Aditya Mehta Foundation appointed me in 2018 as their senior graphic designer. I was in charge of setting up the para-rehabilitation center, the first of its class in Asia, and designing graphic assets for a variety of occasions. Prior to joining this organization, I had no experience in the field of outfit design, but I eventually mastered it.

Indian Team Jersey

26th Asian Road Para Cycling Championship 2019 - Uzbekistan

Design Prototype | Indian Team Jersey 2019

Para-athletes with the national jersey

This was my first outfit design in my career. I was expected to design the jersey in accordance with the guidelines of the Cycling Federation of India. I was first quite frightened to handle such a project at the age of 19. I incorporated tricolored eagle feathers to reflect the pride, courage, power, and tenacity of para athletes out of an effort to endorse something spectacular. The cycling track pathways are depicted in the background. The champs are trending on social media wearing a jersey that I designed which astounded me.

published by The Hindu Newspaper

Regina Cassandra - Vaccination Drive

Design Prototype

Regina and Aditya Mehta with the cycling suit

Regina Cassandra, an actress, is featured on this unique celebrity ride. Actress was cycling to raise public awareness of the COVID vaccine and as part of the Fit India campaign. I designed a lovely yellow and blue outfit for the actress, and the commercial for the Enerzal brand used this design.

Celebrity Campaigns

Manchu Lakshmi - 100KMS Ride

Design Prototype | Lakshmi's 100KM Ride

Actress Manchu Lakshmi with the 100KM special jersey

Manchu Lakshmi, an actress and film producer, is a special celebrity on this ride. Actress completed a 100-kilometer bicycle ride to raise funds for the para athletes. I crafted a gorgeous riding outfit with a pink and white colour scheme for this ride. I received a ton of praise on this outfit and everyone adored the outfit design.

published by The Deccan Chronicle

Cycling Suit Design

Infinity Ride 2019

Design Prototype | Infinity Ride 2019

Para-athletes and fundraisers with the cycling suit

Aditya Mehta Foundation's Infinity Ride is its signature attraction. Many celebrities participate in this cycle to raise donations for para-athletes. I designed a stunning blue cycling outfit with bubbles in the background, representing boiling water, to symbolize how simple and powerful they are. The central thunder flash represents the ferocity of the para-athletes.

Infinity Ride 2020

Design Prototype | Infinity Ride 2020

Para-athletes and Celebrities with the cycling suit

This Infinity Ride is the longest cycle ride in the country, stretching from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Kashmir and Kanyakumari are considered India's north and south poles, respectively. I fashioned a vibrant red outfit with a seven in the center to symbolize the seventh infinite ride.

published by Times of India

Infinity Ride 2021

Design Prototype | Infinity Ride 2021

Riders supporting the cause with the cycling suit

I am so very proud of Infinity Ride 2021 as we collaborated with Narcotics Control Bureau to spread drug awareness. This ride's design features blue and gold accents and emphasizes the initiative by the Indian government known as "Nasha Mukt Bharat."