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Jan 2018 - Today


What did I do?

    With an unwavering passion for the art of graphic design, I, as a freelancer, embarked on a journey of creative expression and artistic innovation. During my pursuit of a bachelor's degree, I honed my craft and dedicated myself to crafting a comprehensive portfolio of stunning designs for a diverse array of modest brands.

What did I learn?

Each brand had a unique origin story that captured my imagination and fueled my creativity, inspiring me to develop designs that were both visually captivating and conceptually rich. Through my work, I have come to appreciate the power of design in storytelling and the ability of a well-designed brand to captivate and engage its audience.

Cricket Media

Stunning collection of sport-related social media marketing designs, crafted for one of the most prominent cricket franchise's fan clubs in the world, Royal Challengers Bangalore Fan Club. Each design bears the unmistakable hallmark of my creative vision and unparalleled design prowess, expertly tailored to captivate and engage the passionate cricketing community.

IEEE Activity

During my tenure at IEEE College Student Branch, IEEE Hyderabad Section, IEEE India Council, and IEEE CovidMove, I meticulously created every design in accordance with the exacting standards set forth by the IEEE Design System.

Logo Design

Immersing myself in the captivating tales of numerous brand innovators, who masterfully transformed their ideas into thriving business models, I harnessed their narratives to craft several exquisite logos that perfectly capture the essence of their startups.

Marketing Graphics

Through the medium of visually stunning marketing posters, I endeavored to lend voice to a multitude of small-scale brands, by weaving together ingenious concepts and compelling narratives that deftly showcased their unique products, events, and value propositions.